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About Us

A Farming Tradition


Our Family Farm Beginnings

The Varney family has been farming along the Androscoggin River in Maine since the 1920's.  This picture shows the family harvesting hay for the dairy herd.  


Continuing the Farming Legacy

The Varney family in the 2000's harvesting hay  a little differently,  No longer a dairy herd but a beef herd of Red Devons.  Continuing a farming tradition that produces gourmet beef on the river meadows.  This sustainable and environmentally friendly, grass only method of farming is what sets us apart from the mega farm grain feed-lots.


Beef and Beef Genetics

River Meadows Farm produces grass-fed beef using the "Butcher's Choice"- Red Devon beef cattle.  These cattle thrive on a diet of grass and produce nutrient dense beef that is a distinct, gourmet product. We use Red Devon beef cattle because of their docile hardiness, calving ease and carcass quality.  We have sold Red Devon seed stock throughout the United States.